About Us

Good Tiffin was founded with an ambitious goal in mind: To provide healthy, affordable, vegetarian meals to individuals and families with busy lifestyles, who do not have the interest or time to prepare meals daily.

Before we began, we asked ourselves, “why does the world need our products or services”? There are thousands of options available to everyone, ranging from restaurants that deliver, to chef inspired meal kits, and a variety of other prepared meal services similar to Good Tiffin.

When we started trying these services out for ourselves, we found that either the product lacked quality, or the service fell short of a great concept that provides hassle-free, ready-to-eat, healthy and tasty meals. For example, we really liked the chef inspired meal kit service, but we realized that you still need to cook it, and in the current and future state of the world, not everyone enjoys cooking, or even has time for it after a busy day. Next, we tried the ready-to-eat meal service that delivers all your meals once a week; you store them in the fridge for the week and microwave them when you want to eat. But who wants to eat frozen-thaw meals every day, week after week? We felt these services lacked quality and freshness that a great meal must have. Finally, there are good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar meal service providers called restaurants. But try ordering a meal from the cheapest restaurant daily and watch your bank account shrink away.

Then we got to thinking, what if a meal service provider prepares a few different meals daily, which you can choose as your dinner (or dinner + lunch for the next day). What if you could choose which day(s) of the week you’d like your meals delivered right to your doorstep, and for as little as $8.99 (depending on the subscription). No more shopping for ingredients that usually go to waste (if not fully used). No need to cook; simply heat and eat! Since the meal is freshly prepared the same day, it will taste great, just like a restaurant, but for almost half the price (delivered). Furthermore, we wanted to give our customers the flexibility and freedom that other tiffin services do not provide. So, we decided to make our subscriptions weekly, not monthly, allowing them to pause or cancel without feeling stuck.

And finally, what makes us different from other tiffin services is that we plan on exploring cuisines and creating meals from all over the world, because our customers deserve the best.

Our Vision:

Understand and nourish the human body through culinary art, science and ancient teachings.